The Indo-Japan “Dharma Guardian” Military Exercise Begins

5th edition of Joint military exercise ‘Dharma Patron’ Started today at Mahajan Field Firing Range in Rajasthan, India. The exercise, scheduled to run from February 25 to March 9, 2024, brings together Indian Army and Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) For a focused training program aimed at enhancing interoperability and promoting closer military cooperation.

Partnerships and capacity building

Held annually and hosted alternately by India and Japan, Dharma Guardian provides a valuable platform for both countries:

  • Enhance joint operations skills: The exercise focuses on joint tactical maneuvers in a simulated semi-urban environment, following the principles outlined in Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.
  • Promoting Interoperability: Through shared training experiences, soldiers from both sides gain valuable insight into each other’s tactics, techniques and procedures, thereby promoting seamless cooperation in future endeavours.
  • Strengthen bilateral relations: Dharma Guardian serves as a testament to the growing defense cooperation between India and Japan, which contributes to the comprehensive strategic partnership and regional stability.

Exercise Focus and Activities

Dharma Guardian 2024 includes a series of activities designed to test and refine the capabilities of participating soldiers:

  • establish a temporary operating base
  • Development and maintenance of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) grids
  • Operating mobile vehicle check posts
  • Conducting cordon and search operations in a simulated hostile environment
  • Practicing heliborne operations and domestic intervention exercises

Evidence of innovation and collaboration

Lieutenant General Togashi Yuichi, Commanding General of JGSDF’s Eastern Army, is expected to visit the exercise site on March 3, 2024. During his visit, he will see the following exhibits:

  • proficiency in combat shooting
  • special heliborne operation
  • home intervention practice

Additionally, a special Weapons and Equipment Display The event will be held highlighting India’s “Self-reliant India” initiative and the country’s growing defense industrial capabilities.

Dharma Patron 2024 It symbolizes the unwavering commitment of India and Japan to foster a strong and mutually beneficial defense partnership. By fostering shared experiences, honing operational skills and fostering deeper understanding, the exercise paves the way for continued cooperation in safeguarding regional security and stability.

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