Top-10 Largest NGOs in India 2024

In the vast landscape of India’s non-profit sector, many organizations are working tirelessly towards addressing social, economic and environmental challenges. By 2024, many NGOs have stood out for their remarkable contribution and wide-ranging impact across the country. Let’s dig deeper list of india Top 10 largest NGOs, Highlighting their missions, achievements, and the communities they serve.

What are NGOs?

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).) Are non-profit organizations independent of government control, dedicated to addressing social, environmental and humanitarian issues. They work at local, national and international levels, advocating for human rights, providing aid and services to marginalized communities and promoting sustainable development. NGOs rely on donations, grants, and volunteer work to fulfill their mission, acting as important agents of change and contributing to positive social change.

Roles and functions of non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Some of the functions of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are as follows:

  • Improving government performance and accountability Through advocacy and policy recommendations.
  • Act as social mediator To bring about behavior change and awareness.
  • facilitate communication Between communities and government.
  • serving as pressure groups Mobilizing public opinion against adverse policies.
  • encouraging social participation and preservation of cultural diversity.
  • women empowerment Through advocacy and initiatives against gender-based discrimination.
  • local resource mobilization To prevent environmental degradation.
  • To provide education, training and technical assistance to disadvantaged groups.
  • bridging the gaps in service delivery and reaching marginalized populations.
  • monitoring and evaluating government policies For effective implementation.

Top 10 largest NGOs in India in 2024

NGOs in India bring about social change, promote human rights, provide services and advocate for marginalized communities through grassroots initiatives. Check list of Top 10 Largest NGOs in India 2024:

Largest NGOs in India 2024
Sl.No. Non government organization focus areas Establishment
1. HelpAge India Elderly care, pensions, health care 1978
2. lepra india Health care for slum dwellers, leprosy 1989
3. Akshaya Patra Foundation midday meal for school children 2000
4. First Education Fund education for underprivileged children 1995
5. little bud girls education 1996
6. echo disaster relief, community development unspecified
7. care india poverty alleviation, social justice 1946
8. Shout Child rights, health care, education 1979
9. give india Platform to raise funds for various causes unspecified
10. Smile Foundation Education, Healthcare, Women Empowerment 2002

Largest NGO in India – HelpAge India

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HelpAge India established 1978, supports the interests of elderly persons, striving to enhance their quality of life. In 2020It earned distinction The only Indian recipient of ‘United Nations Population Award 2020’. Providing universal pension, health care and combating elder abuse are among its important services, exemplifying its commitment to elderly welfare.

India’s second largest NGO – Lepra India

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lepra indiafounded in 1989 In Hyderabad, focuses on providing quality health care to marginalized communities, including slum dwellers and migrants. Stemming from BELRA’s leprosy prevention efforts 1925LEPRA India treated more than 450,000 people For leprosy, protection provided 247,000 people were provided with shoes and 95,000 individuals were assisted With disabilities, it strengthened its position as the second largest NGO in India.

India’s third largest NGO – Akshaya Patra Foundation

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Akshaya Patra Foundationyear of establishment 2000 in Bengaluru, aims to eradicate classroom hunger by offering mid-day meals in government and government-aided schools. Notably, the organization has expanded its reach Serving 1.8 million students by serving food to 1,500 students Within two decades. This significant growth strengthens its position Third largest NGO in IndiaAn example of his commitment to child welfare and education.

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