UGC Introduces SheRNI, Helping Female Scientists And Faculty Connect

University Grants Commission (UGC) The Center for Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) unveiled a ground-breaking initiative known as ‘She Research Network in India (SheRNI), The initiative aims to address gender inequality in the field of science by ensuring equal representation of women scientists.

Empowering women in science

  • SheRNI challenges stereotypes and serves as a beacon of inspiration Future generations of women scientists, researchers and faculty members.
  • By providing a platform for visibility and recognition, it aims to encourage more women to pursue careers in science and research.

lioness objectives

  • SheRNI’s primary goal is To establish a national level expert forum for women faculty members.
  • This platform facilitates the exchange of expertise, insights and experiences in various fields, promoting collaboration and networking opportunities among women in the education sector.

SheRNI Database Insights

  • SheRNI database currently hosts profiles 81,818 women faculty membersDisplaying his immense contribution in the field of science.
  • Furthermore, it has an impressive collection of 6,75,313 publications and 11,543 patents, underscoring the important role of women in advancing scientific knowledge and innovation.

About University Grants Commission (UGC)

  • It is a statutory body operating under the University Grants Commission. Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India.
  • Established in accordance with the UGC Act 1956, its mandate includes coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of higher education in India.

Major functions of UGC

  • Recognition of Universities: UGC accredits universities across India, ensuring adherence to quality standards in higher education.
  • Disbursement of funds: It distributes funds to accredited universities and colleges, supporting academic and research initiatives.
  • Standardization of Higher Education: UGC plays a vital role in promoting academic excellence across the country, setting and maintaining standards for higher education institutions.
  • Organizational Structure: The headquarters of UGC is located at New DelhiWith six regional centers strategically located in Pune, Bhopal, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Guwahati and Bangalore.

Promoting gender equality and empowering women

  • Initiatives like SheRNI underline the commitment of organizations like UGC towards promoting gender equality and empowering women in the field of science and research.
  • By fostering an inclusive environment and providing platforms for recognition and collaboration, such initiatives contribute significantly to the progress of science and the overall development of society.

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