UK tests a laser weapon that can hit a coin from a kilometer

Britain has recently successfully tested Dragonfire Laser Directed Energy Weapon (LDEW), Demonstrating its ability to intercept enemy aircraft and missiles at remarkably low cost. A demonstration in January in Scotland demonstrated the laser’s accuracy in targeting and destroying air threats, representing a potential game-changer in air defense technology.

precision and efficiency

  • dragonfire ldew Claims accuracy equal to hitting small targets like £1 coin From a kilometer away.
  • Its effectiveness lies in its ability to penetrate targets, potentially causing structural failure or disrupting incoming weapons, making it a formidable defensive asset.

Cost-effectiveness and affordability

  • One of the most important advantages of dragonfire laser system It has cost-effectiveness.
  • firing laser for 10 seconds is less than the cost of burst £10, This can be compared to the price of a large pizza in India.
  • This capability is in sharp contrast to conventional missile-based defense systems, providing a long-term, low-cost option for some defense tasks.

Future prospects and investments

  • After a series of highly successful trials, UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) Dragonfire has committed to funding a multi-million pound program to integrate the technology into the battlefield.
  • with a joint investment of £100 million On behalf of the UK Ministry of Defense and British industry, the Dragonfire weapon system is ready for further development and deployment.

Comparative Advantages: Dragonfire vs Iron Beam

  • Compared to other laser-based interdiction systems such as Israel’s ‘Iron Beam’, Dragonfire offers similar capabilities at an even lower price.
  • While the cost of iron beam is claimed to be $3.50 per shot, dragonfire £10 per shot Significantly more economical, making it an attractive option for modern air defense requirements.

UK tests a laser weapon that can hit a coin from a kilometer_40.1

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