UNDP And EU Allocate $420,000+ For Deforestation, Food Security, Climate Change to Papua New Guinea

In an important step towards sustainable development, united nations development program (UNDP) and European Union (EU) has allocated grants in total US$420,000 (approximately 1.6 million PGK) to support initiatives aimed at combating deforestation, improving food and nutrition security and adapting to the impacts of climate change. These grants are set to benefit communities across six districts Enga Province, Papua New Guinea.

Handover Ceremony at Takenda Museum

The official transfer of these grants took place on 17 January 2024 during a workshop held at the Takenda Museum in Wabag, Enga Province. The workshop witnessed active participation of key personalities including the Provincial Administrator, Mr. Sandys Tsak; Provincial Director of Commerce, Culture and Tourism, Ms. Margaret Potane; and Provincial Director of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr Ronnie Tirone. The workshop also included project staff and representatives of community-based organizations.

guidance and empowerment

In addition to grant distribution, participants received important guidance on monitoring and reporting the results of their initiatives. The workshop also focused on To enhance effective implementation of diverse project activities. The purpose of this additional support is to ensure that funded projects deliver impactful results and contribute to the overall goals of sustainable land management.

Addressing climate change and unsustainable practices

Mr. Nicholas BoothUNDP Resident Representative stressed the urgency of addressing the devastating consequences of climate change and unsustainable land management practices on communities that depend on Papua New Guinea’s biodiversity for their daily subsistence. He highlighted the importance of empowering affected communities to promote a more sustainable future that balances development with ecosystem conservation.

EU’s commitment to sustainable development

HE Jacques Fradin, EU Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, expressed his pride in supporting the project. He stressed the role of the project in assisting provincial authorities Adapting to the challenges of climate change and raising public awareness of the importance of conserving the rich biodiversity of Enga Province, Ambassador Fradin highlighted the important role of low-value grants in enabling local communities to actively participate in environmental protection and promote communal well-being in a sustainable way.

Ongoing Support: Strengthening Integrated Sustainable Land Management Project

it marks For the second time the ‘Strengthening Integrated Sustainable Land Management’ project has supported community-based organizations in Enga Province Through small grants. In 2023, 10 organizations received grants to pursue initiatives related to strengthening coffee production, expanding fisheries, and replanting forests. The continuity of support underlines a long-term commitment to promoting sustainable practices and community resilience in the face of environmental challenges.

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UNDP and EU allocate $420,000+ to tackle deforestation, food security, climate change in Papua New Guinea_40.1

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