Visakhapatnam Hosts 14th All India Police Commando Contest

14th edition of annual All India Police Commando Competition (AIPCC) started on January 22, 2024 at the Greyhounds Training Center at Kapuluppada, Visakhapatnam. Specialized commando forces from 16 states are participating in this week-long competition.

Inaugurates and dignitaries

Commissioner A RavishankarR inaugurated the event by emphasizing its importance in promoting inter-state cooperation and showcasing the might of India’s top commando units. RK Meena, Additional Director General, Greyhounds, graced the occasion with his presence.

Participating states and armies

The competition has attracted elite commando forces from across the country. Notable participants include Special Operations Group (SOG) from Odisha and Chhattisgarh, C-60 from Maharashtra, and paramilitary forces like BSF, CRPF, Assam Rifles, ITBP, RPF, SSB and CISF. The diverse representation promises a competition of unparalleled intensity and skill.

competition format

The competition is structured into five stages, each designed to challenge participants’ skills, stamina and teamwork. With teams consisting of 13-15 commandos, the event aims to push the limits of the commando’s capabilities. The competition lasts for a week, in which the tactical skills and physical prowess of the participants are comprehensively evaluated.

Judging Criteria and Expert Panel

A distinguished panel of judges Intelligence Bureau (IB) will evaluate the Commandos throughout the competition. Their expertise ensures fair and careful evaluation of the participants, adding a layer of credibility to the event. The judging criteria cover various aspects, including strategic thinking, execution accuracy and adaptability to diverse scenarios.

State team representation

An important aspect of the competition involves the state team. Personnel of Greyhounds and Octopus units, Their performance not only contributes to individual glory but also to the overall standing of their respective states in the competition.

Display of dedication and skill in 14th All India Police Commando Competition

The 14th All India Police Commando Competition is not just a showcase of physical prowess but a testament to the dedication and skill of the law enforcement agencies of the country. The competition promises to be an interesting spectacle of tactical brilliance and strategic skills, showcasing the best of India’s commando forces.

Important questions related to exam

1. Who inaugurated the 14th All India Police Commando Competition?

2. Which law enforcement agency is responsible for organizing the 14th All India Police Commando Competition?

3. How many states have sent their elite commando forces to participate in the competition?

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