Who is Maldives President at Present Time?

Current President of Maldives

Mohammad Muizzuborn at 15 June 1978is a prominent Maldivian politician who currently holds the office of Presidential position in Maldivestaking charge 17 November 2023. His political career has been marked by diverse roles ranging from service housing minister to be selected as Mayor of Male, finally secure Presidential election in 2023, This article explores Muizu’s educational background, early career, political journey, and his current presidency.

President of Maldives – Academic Career

Muijju’s educational journey begins Majeediya SchoolThe Oldest school in Maldives, He pursued his passion for structural engineering and earned his Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of London, After this a PHD. in Civil Engineering from the University of Leeds, His academic accolades also include a Project Management Professional (PMP)) Certification from the Project Management Institute of America (PMI, In nineteen ninety eightMuizzu started his government service as a Construction and Public Works Planning Technician Trainee in the Ministry of Construction and Public Works,

Political career of the President of Maldives

Housing Minister:

In 2012Muizzu played the role of MMinister of Housing and Environment during the administration of President Waheed Hassan. He remained in the government of President Abdulla Yameen even after the 2013 presidential election. In particular, Muizzu oversaw major infrastructure projects including the historic Sinamale Bridge, the first inter-island bridge in the history of the Maldives.

Progressive Party of Maldives:

post it 2018 presidential electionmuijju joins Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)) and was appointed as vice president and head of the opposition’s election department.

Mayor of Male:

In 2021, muijju achieved an important milestone by being elected as mayor of maledefeated the ruling candidate Maldivian Democratic Party, This victory marked him as the first directly elected mayor of Male, serving Tenure of 5 years.

Mohammed Muizzoo as President of Maldives

Muizzu’s presidential journey began with his nomination as the candidate of the People’s National Congress (PNC) after his conviction. East President Abdullah Yameen, His campaign focused on reducing Indian influence maldives affairsAnd he was described as pro-China. Muizzu wins 2023 presidential election and takes oath as President 9th President on November 17, 2023,

Muizu initiates diplomatic efforts, conducts official visits Türkiye and United Arab Emirates, Demonstrating its commitment to international relations.

Mohammad Muizzu – Personal Life

Muijju is married Sajida Mohammed, and they have three children. His family background includes half-sister Soudha, who is a pnc candidate For Nilandhu constituency, Muizzu’s father, Sheikh Hussain Abdul Rahmanwas a judge and scholar of religion, who was receiving National Honor Award in 2013 For his contribution to religious awareness and education.

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